Who We Are

Justice Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to combating sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women, with a focus on rescue & housing.

A Brief History of the Organization:

Mark Blackwell is the President and Founder of Justice Ministries. Mark was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He graduated from UNCW where he served two terms as Student Body President, and was an active member in Campus Crusade for Christ. God put the issue of Human Trafficking on Mark’s heart in January 2010 at the Passion conference in Atlanta, GA.  When Mark became aware of the reality that there were young women across the world and even in his home town of Charlotte being forced into prostitution, He felt God was calling him to take action and serve victims of this horrific injustice.

God gave Mark the vision for Justice Ministries, and Justice Ministries was founded in July of 2010. The organization received their 501(c)3 status in April 2011, and the work began.

In 2012, Justice Ministries connected with Rise Up Ministries. After weeks of working together, the two organizations decided to merge their efforts and Rise Up became a division of Justice Ministries. Rise Up leads various outreach efforts for the organization, in an effort to connect with women who have been sexually exploited and trafficked. Additionally, the Rise Up program offers case management and assistance as well as a 6-12 month transitional housing program.

Aimee Johnson is the Vice President of Justice Ministries and the Director of the Rise Up program. Inspired by her own experiences, Aimee is passionate about restoring women who have been sexually exploited and ending the war on sex trafficking in America and around the world.  Armed with a deep understanding of the work it takes to gain healing from sexual abuse, she has traveled and led mission trips all over the world where she shares her vision to see the lives of women restored.
Aimee also works with churches, schools and youth and women’s groups. She speaks publicly on purity, forgiveness, self-worth, and other issues that women face.



Since our beginning, we have had the privilege to serve over 100 clients who were victims of sex trafficking and/or sexual exploitation. Freedom is something we fight for daily. Until every victim is free, we see no reason to slow down.

For now we will stay focused on our mission:  to locate victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, help them get out of their situation and into a safe place, facilitate an environment conducive to healing, and assist them in their transition to independence.